Speeding up Chrome

Google Chrome slowed down a lot the past few days. Turns out the hardware acceleration setting got checked. I could have sworn I unchecked it before. Possibly I rechecked it. Possibly a Chrome update did. Possibly an extension did, but I haven’t added any new extensions or plugins lately.

To fix, in Chrome, click on the three bars which somehow mean settings (upper right-hand corner). Scroll to bottom, click on advanced. Scroll to bottom, uncheck use hardware accelaration. That’s it, you’re done.

Update: That worked for about 5 minutes. At least now I could kill unresponsive pages.

I noticed that adblock plus was slowing down chrome. I reset all the settings I had set which also cleared cache and cookies. That helped. I also tried downloading other less intensive adblockers – ublock origin worked best, but still web pages refuse to totally load.

Firefox has no problem with those same webpages and I have adblock plus installed there. So, guess I’ll have to get used to Firefox, even though I prefer the look and feel of Chrome. I also installed Comodo Dragon browser, but it says it only supports Windows 8 and previous versions. I’m on Windows 7, so I’m fine. But I don’t want to get used to a browser that won’t work in Windows 10, should I need to upgrade.

Settled on using Waterfox – a “faster” version of Firefox. Their default search engine is Ecosia which plants trees when you search. Works just fine, except if you’ve set a different default search engine in Firefox, then that is your default search engine when you install Waterfox, until you change it. However for secure sites – banking, stuff for work, Waterfox doesn’t work. My mom has no issues with that, but she’s on Windows 10, I’m on 7.

Chrome still works fine on my smartphone, but I haven’t gotten around to installing adblock plus there yet.