It’s June – Time to Feel Good!

Dang! I messed up again!

Oh, Hi there. Sorry for all the commotion. That was Mr Booboo. We don’t worry about it too much when he yells about having messed up. He’s always messing up. And sometimes he says he messed up when he didn’t do anything wrong. We’ve gotten kind of used to his yelling and try to ignore it. We try to just ignore his yelling and not ignore him.

But that makes me think, how would it be if you couldn’t mess up? No, don’t answer that. Just let yourself feel how it would be if you couldn’t mess up. Sure, we all know some people who think they never make a mistake. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about what if it were not possible for you to mess up. How would that feel?

How would it feel if nobody didn’t like you? How would it feel if everybody liked you? That would feel oh so nice, wouldn’t it?

Everybody likes you, you can’t mess up. Let yourself feel that for a few minutes. Ignore all those screaming voices in your head saying, It ain’t so Joe! or Quite contrary Mary! Just let yourself feel how that feels and if possible let yourself feel it long enough for you to get to the point where you can say, What voices? I don’t hear no stinking voices!

And that works for a bit until that one stinking voice says, you might feel good, but look at everything that’s going wrong in your life. If you feel good with all that junk going on, you’re living a lie.

We’ll I’ve got a secret for you. You’re NOT living a lie! The lie is all the junk you think is going on with your life. As long as you feel good, that’s what’s important. The other stuff will straighten itself out, eventually. In the meantime, you get to feel good.

You might even feel good enough that you’ll get a little funky and sing some James Brown – I feel good! So good!
(Don’t forget to play your sax while you sing.)

Dang! I messed up again! Got the wrong radio station. I didn’t want to listen to funky music.

Poor Mr Booboo – he still doesn’t get it.