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It’s March, Watch out for Spheres of Miracles

I noticed a sphere of miracles near me recently. It was so close that I just stepped in. Then my world fell apart!

So, you may be asking, what’s a sphere of miracles? Or you may not want to know given that my world fell apart. I’m going to tell you anyway – that’s just the kind of guy that I am.

A forest is a place of trees. If a forest were spherical and if trees where miracles, a forest would be a sphere of miracles. So, a sphere of miracles is someplace where miracles abound.

The world right now is overflowing with these spheres enough for everyone to have their own, enough so that there’s one close by you, close enough for you to step into – just take a step or two. But, miracles can upend things in your life. And there are some things in your life which you probably wish would be upended right now – after all they’ve about hit rock bottom.

My sphere of miracles upended things in my life because right there out at the edge, there were so many miracles that I just kept colliding with them and they often weren’t things I’d wished for. Also, I just collided with some of them instead of embracing them fully and wasn’t able to absorb the full effect. Moving towards the center of the sphere, rather than hanging around near the edge, lessened the choasicity (degree of chaos) the miracles were incurring in my life.

Perhaps you’ll enter your sphere of miracles nicely and serenely, and your world will be hunky dory.
Perhaps you’ll discover strange and amazing things about your sphere of miracles.
Perhaps your sphere of miracles will find you, rather than you having to search for it.
Perhaps you’ll spend the next twenty years searching for your sphere of miracles – wouldn’t that be better than searching for whatever it is you were searching for before you started searching for your sphere of miracles.

Whatever path you take on your encounter with your sphere of miracles, it’s your path. Enjoy! Let Miracles invade your life – it will never be the same!