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Suffocated by Cake?

So, what’s wrong with cake?

Well if you’re a pietarian (someone who only eats pie for dessert), a lot! But, lots of folk like cake. After all it has flour, milk, butter and eggs in it – somewhat nutritious. (Don’t mention the sugar.)

Often we try to live a certain kind of life. It’s a life somebody/society told us we should live. Perhaps we told ourselves that’s the way life should be lived. Or to live life correctly, I have to do a, b, and c; but not d. (Sorry, been programming too much.)

So we try to live that kind of life. And if we do everything correctly it will be cake. And perhaps we are somewhat successful at it or perhaps we suck at it, but at least we’re making a try. All for the promise of cake.

But, even though cake has some somewhat nutritious ingredients in it. When all is said and done, it’s just fluff. Kind of like the world we’re trying to create for ourselves. It’s just fluff and we’re suffocating on it.

Well, never fear. There is a solution. Just jump out of the cake. Jump out of the cake and into real life – the one you were meant to live. The one that does not follow anybody’s rules, except those which make sense for it. The one which helps others and doesn’t punish you. The one which gives you JOY!

Oh, and here’s a glass of milk to wash down that last  bit of cake which is still stuck in your mouth! 🙂