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It’s December – Time to Break Out of your Shell

I was going through a rough patch recently. I didn’t know what was wrong. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was miserable! I was miserable to be around.
Yeah, boy! I’ll say!
It felt like I was struggling. But, Martha Beck says, Play until you feel like resting. Rest until you feel like playing. Never do anything else. So, I knew I shouldn’t be struggling. Like my wife Terry so astutely puts it, Don’t push the car when you can drive.
I was definitely pushing something.
Hey, don’t shove!
When I started listening to what was happening, rather than to the voices in my head (which are trying to make themselves heard in this newsletter), I saw these huge pyramid blocks and I was trying to push them apart.
That’s just not right.
Why was I doing this? Why wasn’t I resting or playing. Didn’t know. I just kept pushing and struggling. Somehow I managed to get them far enough apart that I could squeeze my body through.
Big mistake! You might get crushed!
Then I saw the light (literally). I realized that I was like a chicken, trying to break out of its shell. Except I’m much larger than a chicken. And for me, the pieces of shell were as big as blocks of a pyramid. I realized that this was only a natural growth process and that I had to keep pushing.
Oomph! You about wore us out with all that pushing!
But, I also had to take rest breaks or I’d never break free.

If you find yourself struggling, consider if it might be because you’re breaking out of your shell. I won’t tell you what my breakthrough [pun intended] was, but it came when I heard the Wind say, Why don’t you stop doing _____ and start living _____? Your breakthrough may be along similar lines.

When you do break out, rest in the sun until you’re dried off.
The yolk’s on you!

Living something is so much better than doing it!