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Dress up Chocolate

Fortune cookies. Remember those little bits of crunchy sweet with a piece of paper inside? The paper has a message or fortune for you, plus lucky lottery numbers on the back.

You could do the same with gifts of chocolate this year for Christmas, Hannukah, Mawlid un Nabi, Boxing Day, New Years, etc. Buy a chocolate bar – fair trade and organic of course. Write a message on a tree-free sheet of paperboard or cardstock – or recycle that piece of cardboard from that legal pad you just finished. (If you want enough printed, I could do that for you using tree-free cardstock and non-toxic ink [for a small price + shipping].) Add some nice designs or art-work to make it look pretty.

You could unwrap the chocolate bar and stick your message inside, but chances are you’d eat the chocolate and even if you didn’t your message would be missed.  Best to tape your message to the outside of the still wrapped chocolate bar (better chance of it fitting that way.)

What to write – Peace & Goodness to All; Some poem by Rumi or Hafez; a scripture; a hymn or song; an original poem by you. You’ll want to pick something short so you can fit it on the large with large print or large font-size and still leave enough room for the artwork –
perhaps 🎅 or or or 🎁 or 🎄 or 👼 or 😃.