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Installing Windows 10 Errors

I got tired of waiting on Windows to let me know they were ready to upgrade me, so went looking for a solution to upgrade to Windows 10. The normal install downloaded. I ran it, it did nothing. I downloaded Windows Media Center tool, as Windows website suggested. I ran that. It got pretty far and ran into an error, which they didn’t list in their troubleshooting page.

The trick was to turn off my antivirus, even though I was using Microsoft Essentials. You’d think Microsoft would play friendly with Microsoft. I also (the second time) right-clicked on the Windows Media Center tool and said “Run as Administrator”.

Anyway, my first try, it got so far and then returned me to Window 7, gave me some error codes, and said, basically, Have a nice day.

I finally found their wiki (website) for all the error codes: where mine was listed and basically said, turn off your antivirus.

The second time there were no problems – I hope your installation goes/went smoother.

It was interesting to note that Windows7 messages are “This is going to take some time”. During the upgrade, they change to “This will take some time, sit back and relax”. In the final stages of the upgrade, they change to “This won’t take long”. Notice how friendly Windows10 is, helping us to relax.

I’m noticing that the buttons on the taskbar are smaller. I went to taskbar settings and checked use small buttons; and switched right back. If these buttons are large, I might need new glasses.

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