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In July, we’ll be stepping out and getting stuff done

I just have one word to say about stepping out and getting stuff done.


Kine, a mauli ola [Hawaiian for Sneeze, and you shall live]

Mahalo [Hawaiian for Thank you] Yellow Bear. Wait a minute, I didn’t sneeze, I just said Confluence.

Çok Yaşa [Turkish for Live long]

Sen De Gör [may you live to see it]

Hep Beraber [may we all [live long] together]

Ok, he’s off to pick blueberries.  I don’t have to worry about him thinking I’m sneezing.

Confluence is the merging together of two or more rivers each of equal size. I don’t know about any of you, but lots of times, I don’t step out, because I think I’m doing it all on my own. I sometimes look to others for support. I often can’t see their support because I think I’m doing it all on my own, or I think I have to do it all on my own.

But, the truth is, when I step out, when anyone steps out, into what the kind loving WIND wants them to do, there’s a confluence. I’m not stepping out alone, others are stepping out with me, supporting me. They’re not overpowering me. We have equal, yet different strengths. There’s another confluence from those I’m stepping out to serve. When I’m serving them, they may feel like they have great need, but we all help each other and we all have great needs.

And, then there’s the added confluence of the WIND. True, the WIND is much larger than any of us, but when we step out to share with others, the WIND matches and augments our strength. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but the WIND is just helping us stretch. And mostly I find, when I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed with joy.

Yellow Bear, you’re back! I see from the blueberry juice around your lips that you stepped out and got stuff done.

Yes I did. What’ve you been talking about?


A tes vos souhaits, a tes vos amours, et qu’elles durent toujours [French for to your wishes, to your loves, and may they last forever – responses in French to a person’s first, second, and third sneezes]

Merci, Merci Beaucoup, Merci mille fois [Thanks, Thanks very much, Thanks a million]

I’ll be back, I think I missed a blueberry!

When you’re ready, and not before, take a chance, step out into the WIND. The WIND is kind and supplies all our needs. You may not step out very far before you retreat, and that’s ok. Just remember to enjoy the blueberries (those moments of joy) that the WIND supplies along the way.

One thing I’ve done to step out this month, is totally revamp my website. Now there’s a Yellow Bear Journey short story on every page. There are examples of Yellow Bear Journeys, and most importantly, the theme is what it always was, but not so clearly stated. The theme is following the WIND. The website will also show up better on tablets and smart phones.

Dale Stubbart – Yellow Bear